"The Mountains of Connemara."

The map extracts shown on this Maamturks site are based on "The Mountains of Connemara" a 1:50,000 map published in 1988 by Folding Landscapes, Roundstone, Co. Galway, Republic of Ireland. Website. The map has contours at 30m.  The squares shown are 1Km.

I would like to acknowledge the permission given by Tim Robinson of Folding Landscapes for using the map.

This map is accompanied by a booklet entitled "The Mountains of Connemara - A Hillwalker's Guide" described by Joss Lynam.  This contains eighteen walks in Connemara including five in the Maumturks. The entire route of the Maumturk walk is described in one of these walks as well as some more ordinary day walks.  There is great coverage of the Twelve Bens and some other areas.  There is information on the geology of the area also. 

Ireland section of "Climbing in the British Isles" by H.C. Hart, Longmans, Green and Co.  London 1895.  Reprinted by the MCI (Mountaineering Council of Ireland) in 1974.

"The Way that I Went" by Robert Lloyd Praeger (1940's)

The Ordnance Survey of Ireland publish the Discovery Series of 1:50,000 maps.  Most of the Maumturk ridge is on sheet 37, however the early part of the walk requires three other maps, Sheets 38, 44 and 45, which is impractical in hillwalking.

The maps have the advantage of the extra accuracy of the 10m contours, however the resulting density of fine lines on brown layer tinting makes the maps difficult to read for upland areas, particularly while out on the hills.


"Annual rainfall varies from 750mm in the east to over 1300mm along the western coasts, where there can be as many as 270 rain days in the year.   Bright sunshine is correspondingly rare in the west; 1200 hours as against 1600 in parts of the east.  Mean annual wind speed on the western coasts can be twice that of the sheltered midlands"

The climate of the west of Ireland is described thus in "The Heritage of the Rocks" a chapter by John Feehan in "Nature in Ireland" - A Scientific and Cultural History (1997, The Lilliput Press, Dublin).


"Geography and Scenery in Ireland" by JB Whittow, Penguin Books 1974.


Hill Walkers Connemara and Mayo by David Herman, Shanksmare Publications 1996.  See site for more information about books by David Herman.


"The Maum Turks of Connemara" Co. Galway by Joss Lynam in The Big Walks, compiled by Ken Wilson and Richard Gilbert, Diadem Books, London 1980. A description of the walk of 1975 (80 started, 8 finished) with references to the walk of 1976 (120 started, 4 finished).  The closing sentence: "My 1976 solo in bad weather was one of the most demanding walks I have ever done, and I treasure the memory". So do I.


"Connemara" a map of North Connemara covering the Twelve Bens and The Turks produced by the Harvey company, 12-22 Main Street, Doune, Scotland, UK FK16 6BJ.  www  This was first published about April 2000.


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