The Illustrated Maamturk Ridge Walk

"This chain is singularly barren, but so bold and conspicuous a feature in the landscape claims exploration."   (HC Hart, 1895, in I)

A Hillwalker's Guide to the Maamturks Ridge Walk, with description,
route, maps and photos.

Section 1. Going towards Leenane, the first climb, onto Corgemore, is a stiff 500+ m. Often there is mist, which makes an interesting problem of the route to Mullach Glas and beyond to the first col lake at Mám Éan.

Corgemore Graphic.

trk2.gif (9676 bytes) Once atop Binn Chaonaigh you can see onwards to the highest point of the walk, Binn idir an Dá Log.  After passing this peak you descend steeply to the second col lake at Maumahoge.

Binn idir an Dá Log.
Binn idir an Dá Log

trk3.gif (10094 bytes) From Knocknahillion to Letterbreckaun is a twisting ridge with ponds and a great view.  A stepped descent, sometimes steep, leads then to Maam Turk pass.


trk4.gif (10196 bytes) Beyond Maam Turk pass you enter the Northern Turks.   Grassy or boggy surfaces and some very steep slopes particularly the long descent to the coast near Leenane.

Col of Despondency.

Miscellaneous Information. Safety information, links, maps compared, routecard, references and information on the model diagrams. There is an interactive comments section.

Corcog and Leckavrea.

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