From the MCI Website and the Mountain Log.

Margaret Pailing writes...

It was with some trepidation that the North West Mountaineering Club awaited the day of this year's Glover Walk (Saturday 13th September). Advance interest had been really keen with members receiving numerous phone calls, letters of enquiry, and messages on the Internet. We had a team coming from Leicestershire, and the odd person from Wales. . .

Accordingly there was some relief when entrants on the day numbered the same as last year (albeit a very unwieldy number ), but at least this might indicate a 'plateauing off'. The day went well, despite severe winds initially, making the traverse of Muckish a serious undertaking. By the afternoon conditions had calmed somewhat, with just the occasional shower to mar the view. Most walkers (80%) finished, with reasonable times, while most of those who dropped out did so at Altan farm.

A local power cut complicated the final check-in at Dunlewey, and made the evening meal at Ionad Cois Locha a romantic experience.

Needless to say, the club is seriously considering the environmental, safety and logistical implications of bringing such huge numbers out on the hills. Next year we may attempt to restrict numbers to 200 by implementing pre-entry registration. The irony that this year's proceeds from 300+ entrants tramping across the Donegal highlands is being donated to the repair of the Errigal tourist path is not lost on the club!

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