Muckish to Errigal, Co Donegal, Ireland.

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J.B. Glover: Tributes and Other Articles.

by Simon Stewart

People walk all the time in the mountains of Ireland, often in small, informal groups, often in larger numbers. In addition there is a tradition of organised long walks which stretches back over twenty years. These long walks draw numbers from around sixty to over four hundred and are often held in areas with a great natural challenge. Without doubt one of the hardest of the organised long walks is the Glover Highlander walk, organised by the North-West Mountaineering Club. The walk is held to commemorate J.B. Glover (Joey) a major figure of the club tragically killed in the troubles. Generally it is held in September each year and follows a route in Donegal. The route first peak is Muckish mountain and its last Errigal, taking in the intervening summits.
This page is a description of the Glover walk drawing on pictures and details principally from the 1996 occasion.

The 1997 event was held as scheduled. The weather was extremely windy at first making Muckish in particular very difficult, however it got better later. 305 people started and most finished. More on 1997 Glover Highlander.

The 1998 event was held on Sat 12th Sept. For the first time the organisers had limited entry.  There were 208 starting, all pre-entered walkers.  The weather was generally appalling with high winds (80 to 90 kph) and heavy showers.  On ground over about 400 m the showers were mainly falling as hail.  I got caught in one such shower on the knife edge top of Errigal.  All you could do was concentrate on not being blown off or stung too hard by the hail.   One hundred and thirty finished which was a high proportion given the conditions which were the worst I have seen.  Probably only experienced walkers would have been organised to pre-enter.  There was the usual dinner, dance and general hooley afterwards ...

Some general information:

Several long walks are shown on this Map, with the Glover Highlander in the North West.

Clicking below will give you a simulated picture of Ireland centred on the Glover Walk. You can set various options for example so as to see the updated weather.(be patient, it is often overloaded) Picture.

The Illustrated Route

Picture of Aghlabeg.
Diagram with names. This picture shows a typical view on the middle section of the walk. It was taken from the side of Aghlabeg looking forwards along the direction of the walk towards Aghlamore and the more distant, higher and whiter Errigal. The nearer lake is Nabrackbaddy, the further Feeane.

Approach to Muckish.
This picture shows the approach to Muckish Mountain. Click on any of the small pictures to get a larger size (37k).

Miner's Track
The Miner's Track, near the plateau on top of Muckish. (62k)
In 1996, unlike many years of dreary weather on the organised walk, we emerged on the summit plateau in relative clarity. As you can see in the next picture, the summit is long and strewn with brick sized blocks.

Muckish summit picture.
The summit of Muckish has a prehistoric cairn on it. This picture is taken from near the cairn, looking in the direction of the walk. The unusually clear conditions allowed us to see the major summits of the walk. Crowning the skyline is the last peak: Errigal. (48k)

Muckish at night.
A night view of Muckish. (37k)

Picture of Aghlabeg.
En route to Lough Aluirg and Aghlabeg. The first checkpoint in the picture is located in the hidden ground before the prominent ridge. Aghlabeg is the summit to the right. (39k)

Altan Lough
Lough Altan below us, with the last summit, Errigal at the top right. (33k)

Altan Farm
Altan Farm, beside Altan Lough. (59k)

Majestic Errigal, the final peak. Click on any of the small pictures to get a larger size

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