GPS Route for the Maamturks  (Direction: to Leenane)

Download GPS data. (Use "Save As" option.   This is in .GPX format, as used by many popular GPS utility programs such as GPSU or map programs such as Ordnance Survey of Ireland TrailMaster or Garmin utility program MapSource)
GPSU has a freeware version which will handle this file and upload it to most GPS units.  - Note the freeware version of GPSU can't handle all of the route and waypoints, but I am told you CAN do it in two pieces.)  I am told tht another program that can handle GPX format and upload to a GPS unit is Easygps -- it can do this in one piece.

Note: On recent organised walks there is a significant change to the route at the end where the organisers now encourage people to take a more northerly route after the last mountain checkpoint. The GPS data reflects this. None of these are yet reflected in the routecard.

This website recommends that no-one should venture into the Maumturks without alternative means of navigation including rainproof map, compass and knowledge of how to use them.  At best this GPS data is an aid and may contain errors.

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