Ballachulish Bridge.
(Josephine Kelly contemplates Loch Leven)

The sea at Loch Leven, west coast of Scotland. The bridge in the distance joins North and South Ballachulish.

The picture was taken without the polarising filter that I often use.  The sky was very clear and the water was almost totally still, which is unusual for a sea inlet.  The stillness intensified the blueness of the reflection.

I received some feedback about this picture.  Here.

Ballachulish/ Loch Leven

Feedback: Time:   Thu, 18 Feb 1999 18:57 gmt Mr. Stewart,
We look with great interest at the picture you have of a sea loch near Glencoe. We were in Scotland this last summer and in that area and your picture is the spitting image of my wife from the back. We know we were not at that particular spot and it couldn't be her, but it wouldn't hold up in court! We use the picture for our wallpaper and hope that it's alright with you. Thanks............Jerry & Sue Blondin  Thanks for the return message and offer, but it fits just fine on our monitor now. Still can't get over the resemblance to my wife Sue! And neither can she. Thanks again........................jerry Jerry & Sue Blondin

Thu, 24 Jun 1999 17:37 Found yr page when looking for mountain wallpaper. i'm in my early 60s now but have been an active climber and fell walker (`tramper' in kiwi parlance) for yrs. delighted to find the glencoe pictures because i worked for the CHA at Onich fm easter to october in (was it) 1965. i've never seen the ballachulish bridge before, although i've read about it; there was just the ferry there in my day. i think your photo of it may have been taken from near onich - i played ducks and drakes there with flat stones on the long summer evenings. i've picked the ballachulish bridge view for my wallpaper, and will certainly call back to change it in the future. thanx a lot for some great memories. regards ....... dave gobey

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